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Grant Of Options Pursuant To The Trek 2000 International Ltd Share Option Scheme 2011

BackJul 11, 2011
The Board of Directors of Trek 2000 International Ltd (the "Company") wishes to announce that on 11 July 2011, the Company has granted options to subscribe for a total of 990,000 shares under the Trek 2000 International Ltd Share Option Scheme 2011. Details of the grant are as follows:

(a) Date of Grant: 11 July 2011

(b) Exercise price of options granted: S$0.356
(The exercise price is equal to the average of the last dealt prices for the shares on the SGX-ST for the five (5) consecutive trading days immediately preceding the date of grant of the options.)

(c) Total number of options granted: 990,000 shares

(d) Market price (last done price) of shares on the Date of Grant: S$0.36

(e) Number of options granted to director or controlling shareholders (and their associates), if any: 300,000 shares

(f) Validity period of the options: 10 years from the Date of Grant applicable for employees.

Submitted by Gurcharan Singh, Executive Director on 11/07/2011 to the SGX.